SAP Distribution Management System

Croesus Distribution Management System (“DMS”) incorporates sales & distribution best practices with the latest web technology, supported by world-renowned ERP software, SAP Business One.

Traditionally, businesses ran on pen and paper. Mobile sales personnel record customer orders in their books, and report back to office once a week to convert them into sales orders. Double entry and errors plagued the order books and credit notes had to be issued and managed by overworked accounts executives that were still trying to balance last month’s books.

Compatible with any web-enabled device

Today, Croesus with the best-in-class Distribution Management System, empowers fast moving consumer packaged goods sales and distribution industry with on-demand, up-to-date, mission critical information that is essential to the growth of the revenue of the company.

Sales Tours

Plan and manage Sales Tours and never miss another customer again. Sales representatives can plan their visits based on their standard routes, divided between the regions. This will also allow the ease of switching sales representatives around to ensure all customers are being serviced well regularly.


Mobile Sales & Order-Taking

Your Sales Representatives can now take orders on-the-go with a tablet, PC, laptop, iPad! Built for scalability and accessibility, Sales Orders now flow freely to into the system, making the order-to-delivery processing faster and more efficient.

Returns Management

Manage returns from your customers easier, with the tracking of returned goods performed over the Web.

Van Sales

Perform Van Sales on-the-fly, with the Web DMS capturing all Sales, Cash, and Ordering transactions. Create a secure flow of information and also cash collected at the end of the process to prevent fraud and pilferage. Print Cash Receipts on the go with mobile printers, so that manual cash books usage can be reduced in the future.

Delivery Stuffing

Plan your delivery through the orders on the route that the delivery will take place, utilizing your assets efficiently.

Consignment/Inventory Replenishment

Manage consignment arrangements with customers via SAP Business One, and depend on the replenishment recommendation for inventory to avoid out-of-stock situations, once and for all.

Account Collection

With built-in measures to curb extended AR Ageing problems, Croesus DMS assists the Sales Team with information to ensure collection is also performed during their routine Sales Tours.

Promotions Bulletin Management

Communicate promotions and offers to the Sales Team more effectively, granting customers better deals and increased sales. Promotional items that are setup on the system is immediately reflected on the Mobile Sales & Order Taking.


  • Increased visibility into sales by distributor, by customer
  • Seamless integration with distributor SAP Business One system
  • Distributors benefit from ERP implementation
  • Proper data/information flow up to principal


  1. Online capabilities
  2. Templated roll-out available
  3. User-friendly interface for ease of use
  4. Industry/Business-specific customizations when required

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