SAP Success Story: Alliance Cosmetics Group

Alliance Cosmetics Group is the sole distributor of Revlon and other renowned global cosmetics brands in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The company bought over Revlon operations both in Singapore and Malaysia before being appointed by the Revlon principal office in the US, and is in the top 3 cosmetics distributors in the market.

In its ever expanding mass-market cosmetics distribution, the company saw a need to deploy an integrated business solution in replacement of their existing system which was not scalable nor flexible in adapting to their real live data integration and reporting requirements. Multiple data entry points had to be performed for inter-company sales, orders and delivery processes giving rise to errors and discrepancies.

Moving ahead with SAP

Alliance Cosmetics Group (ACG) needed a system than could handle inter-company sales transactions, order and delivery fulfillment, Electronic Data Interface, and better financial and sales reporting. They also required the system to help them manage their daily workflows better, and reduce data entry effort so that productivity can be harnessed from their resources.

Upon evaluating different vendors and accounting softwares, ACG made their decision to go with Croesus IT Solutions and SAP Business One due to the track record and post sales support services offered.

The implementation of SAP Business One completed right on schedule for two of ACG’s companies, with uncompromising quality of work coming from Croesus IT Solutions. Both Alliance Cosmetics Group and Croesus Teams worked closely, ensuring that every single business process was outlined and implemented into the system.

Customized Solution Delivery

Alliance Cosmetics Group also required additional functionality from SAP Business One, and Croesus were able to deliver the using the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop add-on programs such as Delivery Log that ensured tracking of delivery orders, COGS Program that tracks the marketing costs incurred during inter-company transactions for marketing and promotional events. ACG also required Croesus to develop the Automated Inter-Company Sales Order Fulfillment module that increased productivity and accuracy by enabling direct upload of large purchase orders from multi-chain branches that helped reduce double entry work. ACG also requested for Advanced Sales Reports that Croesus were able to deliver.

Success in 5 weeks

Croesus IT Solutions was able to deliver the SAP Business One solution within the timeline of 5 weeks, impressing Alliance Cosmetics Group with the quick and quality-assured implementation.

Key Challenges

  • Needed to streamline daily operations
  • Outgrown their existing system
  • Incurring undesirable cost from lack of productivity
  • Needed to improve customer satisfaction and order fulfillment

Key Objectives

  • Integrate Data and Processes
  • To have real-time information and data access
  • To leverage and increase productivity of existing resources
  • To also support non-SAP applications

Key Benefits

  • Business flow streamlined and visibility improved
  • A centralized data management system catering to more than standard requirements
  • Reduced data duplication
  • Increased productivity
  • Sales Order processing reduced to 1 day instead of 3
  • Marketing Cost is now trackable