SAP Success Story: Cuscapi Berhad

SAP Success Story: Cuscapi Berhad

Cuscapi Berhad, formerly knowns as Datascan Berhad is one of Malaysia’s leading solutions provider with offerings to the F&B, Retail, Hospitality, Automotive, Financial, Telecommunications and Public Service Industries. The market leader in F&B business management solutions in the quick service restaurants and hospitality sectors, Cuscapi also offers a strong portfolio of solutions and services in the arena of information technology security, collaborative fulfillment solutions and business consulting.

Since its inception in 1978, Cuscapi has grown exponentially and currently have a comprehensive network of 12 nationwide service centres in Malaysia and strong presence in 23 countries internationally.

With 50 years of deep consulting experience and successful implementation at over 5,000 sites, Cuscapi aims to create more value for its clients through maximising their businesses’ customer capital. Cuscapi, in tandem with its commitment to delivery excellence, strongly believes in creating new value for all their clients through fresh insights and perspectives on the client’s customers to create new revenue growth possibilities.

Cuscapi chose Croesus IT Solutions Sdn. Bhd. as their implementation partner to streamline and enhance their daily business processes in gearing up for growth. Cuscapi’s requirements had simply outgrown their legacy system, and required SAP Business One to support their entire business management workflow.

Taking a step forward with SAP

A major step up for Cuscapi was the introduction of SAP Business One into its daily business operations in 2006.

SAP Business One automated critical operations including Sales, Finance, Purchasing, Inventory and other business transactions. It reduced data entry effort, and it improved day-to-day operations workflow, increasing productivity.

Richard Liau, Croesus Sales and Implementation Director said,”The Croesus team were able to compile Cuscapi’s unique business requirements, deadlines and objectives without any significant interruption to their daily business operations.

Financial and Accounting reports that previously took days to compile, are now accessible within minutes. Having adapted SAP Business One, Cuscapi was able to improve their customer relationships , drilling down to the information required to react faster and respond better to their customers.

With SAP Business One brought by Croesus, we now have a platform that helps to handle our business workflow more efficiently – Chief Executive Officer, Cuscapi Berhad

Custom-Made Easy

The key success factor was collaboration with Croesus, their implementation partner as they brought the right solution from the beginning. Croesus’ knowledge and expertise on SAP Business One was key to gaining maximum value, and brought flexibility for customization and additional functionalities that were required.

Additional Add-on Modules were developed to supplement SAP Business One’s core functionalities, and was a perfect fit for Cuscapi’s requirement.

Making way for Business Growth

With a successful implementation of SAP Business One, Cuscapi has plans to use the platform to grow its business, as monitoring the trends and growth areas can be done on the system.

I’m confident that SAP Business One will be able to deliver what Cuscapi’s need for a long time. – Chief Executive Officer, Cuscapi Berhad

Key Challenges:

  • Existing inventory management process unable to handle the large volume of transactions
  • Without centralized control, the ordering system required users to enter their orders twice, giving rise to data entry errors
  • Existing legacy system was unable to keep track of large orders with multiple delivery destinations
  • Lacked insight into the financial information of its dealer network

Key Objectives:

  • Automate business processes to reduce human error
  • Integrate all business processes into a single entity
  • Control and monitor workflow
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by improving order fulfillment
  • Build a future-proof system that enable the company to grow

Key Benefits

  • Business process flow was streamlined and automated for better visibility of business
  • Able to extract up-to-date information, company & group-wide
  • Established a centralized data management system that caters for all parts of the business
  • Increased productivity and data accuracy
  • Reduced data duplication
  • Sales Order processing reduced from a few days to 1