SAP Success Story: PTS Publications and Distributors Sdn. Bhd.

PTS Publications & Distributors Sdn. Bhd. is a Malaysia-based company that specializes in the publication of Bahasa Malaysia titles, and operates out of Dolomite Industrial Area, Batu Caves. They were looking to move on from their legacy system, and paid special attention to their budget and investment required so that their desired business results can be delivered.

We were working with multiple legacy systems, where there was no integration between departments, and too many of our business processes required manual input. – Arief Hakim, Director of PTS

The Accounting and Sales staff had to manually manage their inventory of books, checking it every single time an order had to be processed. This resulted in frequent customer complaints from incorrect shipments and missing books. With no proper inventory system, they had issues determining the current stock levels, which in turn affected their orders to replenish stocks.

Double entries of data added to their frustrations. Small orders were manageable, but large orders from chain bookstores with multiple delivery points proved that a new system was in need.

Moving ahead with SAP

PTS evaluated many software vendors but only SAP Business One was able to meet the management’s high expectations and industry specific needs. Coupled with Croesus IT Solutions’ knowledge and experience, PTS implemented SAP Business One in 2006, and has never looked back.

We really like Croesus’ can-do attitude to provide the solution. As the pioneers of SAP Business One in Malaysia, they have proven to know SAP Business One very well, and are able to explain the solution to our problem. They didn’t just provide a sweeping ‘the system can or cannot do that’ type of answer. – Arief Hakim, Director of PTS

SAP Business One shone through when it came to integrating PTS’ business processes into a single platform. From Inventory Management to Purchasing and finally to Delivery, all users from across departments are able to input and extract data from a single database source, thereby eliminating double data entry and reducing human error.

Reporting proved to be chore on their old MYOB accounting software, but now Profit & Loss, Sales and Financial reports are a few clicks away. Stock shortages have also been addressed, contributing to better stock management and re-print orders.

Custom-made Easy

Another value that Croesus was able to bring to the table was the customized add-on which supplemented SAP Business One’s core functionality. Croesus developed a royalty tabulation add-on that pays royalty to authors according to their sales, which consumed precious time and resource. PTS now runs the add-on and the computations are then used to pay the authors on a timely basis.

Processing Sales Orders was a tedious affair, having to manually enter an order for a single store took days as it had varying quantities and also titles. Croesus developed an add-on that helped them upload Sales Orders and automate the creation on SAP Business One’s Sales Module, freeing PTS staff magnitudes of days for more productive work.

With SAP Business One, we now have a business platform that fully supports our growth strategy and offer us a wide range of functions for efficient organization of our business process at a reasonable price too. – Arief Hakim, Director of PTS


Key Challenges:

  • Existing inventory management process is unable to handle large volume of transactions
  • Double data entry for Sales Orders
  • Processing difficulty when it comes to large orders with differing titles, quantity and destinations

Key Objectives:

  • Automate business processes to reduce human error
  • Integrate all business processes into a single entity
  • Control and monitor workflow
  • Enhance customer satisfaction by improving order fulfillment

Key Benefits:

  • Business process flow was streamlined and automated
  • Centralized data management system that catered to all parts of the business
  • Increased productivity
  • Improved Order to Delivery efficiency by 60%