Why Croesus? Having pioneered the SAP Business One work in Malaysia, we’ve encountered many customers who ask this question:

 “Why should I choose SAP Business One?”


Well, listed here are the top 10 reasons (we’ve encountered) why people choose SAP Business One, and we hope that it would provide you a little more clarity.

  1. My current system seems to be limiting the way I want to expand my business.
  2. I am concerned with the level of the support that the vendor can provide for my current ERP system.
  3. I feel that it is risky to run my entire business on a locally developed software, and would like to have a global solution instead.
  4. I have different systems handling different parts of my business, and they don’t talk to one another.
  5. As a business owner, I find that the current system is not able to provide me the visibility that I need in order to make better decisions.
  6. The current system is just too old and unstable. I want a reliable ERP system that is easy to use, fast to implement and does not require a large IT team to support.
  7. My current accounting system does have good business processes that will prevent loopholes and fraud from happening.
  8. My business is about to expand, but the requirements are so substantial and specific that I need a solution that can handle them in an integrated manner.
  9. The experts of the system I am currently using have all left. Maintaining it is costing me a lot of money, time and resource.
  10. I would like to invest in an ERP software that will help me increase my revenue and manage my bottom line so that my profit margins can be enlarged.